Tuesday, October 10, 2006

#19 Etsy? Did they leave off a letter?

After picking several not great choices from the list of the Web 2.0's Award Winners (it seems like most I wanted required some downloading. blech. no good on staff machines!), I finally settled on investigating a retail site, Etsy a site that sells all things homemade. Just imagine it as Ebay, but everything is something that someone actually spent TIME and EFFORT making and therefore it's much better than paying $600 for tickets on ebay that only cost the seller $50 and you don't feel like you're getting ripped off. Cause it's stuff that is HOMEMADE!! Very cool indeed. (sorry about the ebay rant. blech. lately shopping on there just leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

Anywho, Etsy is pretty cool. Nice categories and the actual merchandise looked pretty good. Like stuff you'd find at a craft bazaar and such. I did think the searching was rather clunky. I tried numerous times (even attempted an 'advance search') for silver rings and kept getting...well...everything else in the 'Jewelry' category. Plus the hits ranged in the THOUSANDS and thusly, not too great for just browsing. I think it has potential, but needs a bit of tweaking in the way that items are searched for. If I were shopping for a knitted scarf, I'd definitely hit up this site. Good prices. And what appears to be decent quality. A great combination you don't find just anywhere. Thumbs up!


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You're on thehoms stretch now. :)


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