Thursday, October 12, 2006

#20 You Tube. (or "how I spend all my free time lately")

YAY! #20. Almost there. And this was the easiest and most fun thing yet. I've been playing around with You Tube for a few weeks now. After I kept hearing so much press about what a wonderful site it is I just had to investigate. And my, my, my. What a truly wonderful site it is. I think it is a marvelous thing and truly just opens up what the internet is all about. Sharing stuff. Info. Media. Ideas. Anything. It's amazing what all you can find. A while back I was searching a clip of a cartoon I enjoyed watching as a child. A very very old cartoon. It was one of the original "Merry Melodies" from WB from way back in the 20s (or maybe 30s, I forget). Anyway, I was able to find it on You Tube and it immediately brought back all of those great childhood memories and I had the most fun just watching and singing along. Awesome! Who'd have ever thought all of that stuff would just be at your fingertips? Amazing. Truly.

Here's a nice little clip I found. It's one of my favorite musicians, John Mayer, performing at a benefit. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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