Thursday, October 12, 2006

#21 mean Podcasts

Ahhh, the world of Podcasts. I enjoyed this experience quite a bit. I'm sitting here listening to a podcast of "Paris by Night" a dance mix/electronica station that's music in French. Cool!

After playing around the podcasts directories, I found all sorts of nice little nuggets of stuff. On the library related side over at Yahoo Podcasts, I found the very useful and friendly NPR Book Review podcast. That would be really helpful for those patrons and staff who regularly listen to NPR and maybe missed a show or just wanted to hear it again for reference.

On the fun side, over at (my favorite of the two) I found a great travel podcast called "Soundguides Immerse Travel" and they had three recent posts that were for the city of Paris. I listened to the one for the Louvre and really enjoyed it. I think it was designed to be listened to while actually AT the Louvre, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I added the RSS feed to my Bloglines account, so I can keep up when they add new attractions in Paris. YAY!


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Patrick Potter said...

Hiya. Glad you liked the soundguides podcasts. Unfortunately we're not going to broadcast all of them by rss. But you can go and download them for free from There's about twenty more tracks on Paris there.


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