Monday, October 16, 2006

#23-Is it really over?!?

Wow. Hard to believe I stuck with this thing. I must admit, there were some times that I wavered on if I would get it all done. But with the right amount of determination, I proved that it was an achievable goal.

I'm not always one to stick with things til' the end. But I'm glad that I did with this project. It was mind expanding and truly taught me some information and gave me some useful tools. I think in the world of technology, sometimes we tend to get stuck in what we know, stuck in the realms that we're comfortable in. It's sometimes hard to make that first step into things that you aren't sure of, but this program made it easier by holding our hands and helping us along.

I think my favorite discovery or exercise from the 23 would be the image generator. I think that I'll definitely play around with those some more and use them in the future. They'll be great for making icons and such for online use. I think my 2nd fave was the use of the rss feeds and bloglines. What a great service and an amazing way to use technology to keep up with things.

I think the most surprising thing about this program for me was that the use of technology is so broad. As an online junkie, sometimes I forget that all of this stuff out there can be used for so many different purposes. Who would have ever thought that libraries can find ways to use all of these different technologies.

I really liked both the format and concept of the "Learning 2.0" program. The blog as a tool worked very well. Although there were a few weeks where I was behind quite a bit and it seemed a tad overwhelming, once I jumped back in, it was very easy to find my spot and keep right on moving through the process.

If there were another type of program such as this, I would definitely participate. It helps to have nice little incentives of course, but I think the true reward (whether or not we want to admit it) is that we're improving our minds and keeping up with the zooming world of technology that is around us.


At 10:13 PM, Blogger HeleneB said...


Congrats on finally making it to the end. I'm pleased to hear that you found some of the topics covered rewarding and useful, but I love your last paragrpah the best. The reward is in a way just keeping up with things that are changing... but isn't nice to know that you get a 1 gb MP3 player as a bonus. :)

PS: It's on it's way!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Sign Generators said...

Web 2.0 apps can get overwhelming, just in the area of image generators, alone has over 5,000 web based applications to play with (just how long would it take to try each one out?)...

Glad you are sticking with it and glad it's easy to pick up again...


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